January 1st, 2023

This "PhonoSpeak" page is where I am going to try to have something to say. Something of interest. How'm I doing so far? Will I maintain the courage to commit bloggery? In what degree?

Nothing is expected. Everything is gained. And if it all comes crashing down, at least I will have advanced the generalized use of "How'm" as a legit contraction.

How'm YOU doin'?

January 2nd, 2023

This is my apology for using an unholy crapton of stock clips in everything I do. The videos for my songs are about 110% stock clips. About. Because, who has a budget for live action? And by budget, do I mean, time?

And if time IS money, then I'm late by about $12,683.42

What's especially disturbing about living creatively in the land of stock clip people is that, minus any other intent, they seem to grow on you. Over time. They seek to be known to you. They want to become your friend.

It's not you and your amygdala seeking them out, wanting to know their predilections, their peccadilloes, and their back stories. No, that would be . . . mental. Wouldn't it.

By the way, which one am I? And which one are you???

January 3rd, 2023

The current dilemma in the studio is the organ sound. In the box, I've settled on the Blue3 organ from GG Audio. What have I tried on the way there?  Lots. More on those later.

But the current issue is, what about performing live? Gigging with a good organ sound is a MUST and unfortunately the Roland organ "sound" in my RD-88 is criminally pathetic. Just as an experiment, I Sweetwatered a Neo Ventilator 2, just to put it after my very very poor Roland organ patches. 

Signal flow = RD88 stereo out > > > Ventilator 2 > > > stereo out to 2 powered PA speakers (QSC K Series 15's). Not only was it still bad, I think the Ventilator added a tiny bit of very high-pitched ringing, as if it's treble horn rotor simulation is catching some RF. The power cord for the Ventilator is the cheapest, thinnest wall wart cord I've ever seen. My electric shaver has a higher gauge of power cord. Who knows where the Ventilator's high-pitched ringing is coming from, but it decreases when I drop the Ventilator's "Mix/Dist Hi" knob, and disappears completely when I hit the Ventilator's "Bypass" button.

I'll keep playing with the Ventilator to see if it's a "me" problem, as are a multitude of things in Studioland.